Special Stream

Business Analytics is an important strategic field that offers considerable potential for expansion in research. The rapidly increasing amount of available and usable data and the progressive development of the performance of existing computers enable comprehensive data analyses and calculations on a scale that was unthinkable just a few years ago. This special stream will be based on specific related presentations that will be held within the conference days this year.

While at present the immense performance of algorithms is often uncritically accepted, possible risks are sometimes neglected. This opens up new challenges for research. Along with digitalization, companies also want and have to adapt corresponding processes and they need new research results in order to implement methods of business analytics in form of innovative solutions. At the same time, it seems central that users in companies are also able to reflect on these approaches and become aware of potentials and possible risks of their use. For this reason, it is essential to integratively examine both the great optimization potential and the strategic opportunities of using business analytics from the perspective of various disciplines.

The possible applications of Business Analytics methods are manifold. In the "Business Analytics" session of HICL 2019, the following problem areas in the field of maritime logistics systems are considered in particular, but not exclusively:

  • Identification and management of operational and strategic risks in maritime logistics systems
  • ­­Scheduling and routing problems in maritime logistics, e.g. crew scheduling and ship routing
  • Optimization of hinterland and/or intermodal container flows
  • Optimization of the use of ship fleets in scheduled and occasional traffic
  • Optimization of handling times at the terminal and strategic risks