Conference Schedule

13 Sep 2018
Doors Open
09:00 to 09:15
Welcome and Introduction by the Conference Chairs
09:15 to 09:45
Academic Keynote - Dr. Aseem Kinra - "Knowledge creation through Big Textual Data and machine Learning"
09:45 to 10:20
Industry Keynote - Dr. Stefan Wolff - "Digital supply chain– opportunities in digital transportation management"
10:30 to 12:30
Session Block A
12:30 to 13:30
13:30 to 14:30
Session Block B
15:00 to 16:00
Session Block C
Fieldtrip - Container and Port Logistics
Conference Dinner - Empire Riverside Hotel
14 Sep 2018
09:00 to 10:30
Session Block D
11:00 to 13:00
Session Block E
13:05 to 13:35
Closing Note - Prof. Lauri Ojala - Title: World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index (LPI)
13:35 to 13:40
Farewell by the Conference Chairs


12 September 2018 Ph.D. seminar
13 September 2018 Conference Day 1
14 September 2018 Conference Day 2
13 April 2018 Abstract Submission closes (extended)
28 May 2018 Paper Submission closes (extended)
18 July 2018 Conference Registration Deadline for Authors (extended)

Session Schedule

13 Sep 2018

10:30 to 12:30

A.1 - Sustainability

Session Chair: Michael Lieder
Room: A0.18.1
Circular economy in industry: Reflections and outlook on economically viable and environmentally sustainable manufacturing systems - (Lieder, Asif, Rashid)
Supporting the Selection of Sustainable Logistics Locations - (Pajones, Pfoser)
Meta-Analysis of Sustainable Transport Logistics Trends - (Dirnberger, Brunner)
Sustainability of Urban Freight Transport in SPMR - (Ewbank, Vieira, Fransoo)

A.2 - Risk Management

Session Chair: Wolfgang Kersten
Room: A0.19
Adequate Flexibility Potential to handle Supply Chain Uncertainties - (Zitzmann, Karl)
Enhanced FMEA for Supply Chain Risk Identification - (LU, Rong, de Souza)
Remote Sensing in Humanitarian Logistics: An Integrative Approach - (Hein, Hünemohr, Lasch)
Multi-Method Decision Support Framework for Supply Network Design - (Timperio, de Souza, Bernado, Sakhuja, Sunardhi)

13:30 to 14:30

B.1 - Industry 4.0

Session Chair: Henning Schöpper
Room: A 0.18.1
Supplier Integration in Industry 4.0 – Requirements and Strategies - (Müller, Veile, Voigt)
Scope for Industry 4.0 in agri-food supply chains - (Soosay, Kannusamy)

B.2 - Advanced Manufacturing

Session Chair: Marius Indorf
Room: A.0.19
Advanced Scientific Algorithms in Digital Factory Design Applications - (Lohmer, Klausnitzer, Lasch)
Additive Manufacturing in Supply Chains – The future of purchasing processes - (Niehues, Berger, Henke)

15:00 to 16:00

C.1 - Supply Chain Analytics

Session Chair: Niels Hackius
Room: A.0.18.1
Blockchain Technology Applications in Supply Chain Management - (Norrman, Batwa)
Business Model of Aircraft Fleet Planning using ANN - (Pandit, Hasin)

C.2 - Maritime and Port Logistics 1

Session Chair: Ann-Kathrin Lange
Room: A.0.19
Integrating layout planning and simulation for logistic nodes - (Schwientek, Lange, Holzner, Thomsen, Jahn)
Ecological Assessment of Port Equipment for Container Terminals - (Scharpenberg, Pohl, Lauven, Geldermann)
14 Sep 2018

09:00 to 10:30

D.1 - City Logistics

Session Chair: Florian Dörries
Room: A.0.18.1
Logistical Preconditions for Economical Reuse of End-of-life Textiles - (Hinkka, Heikkilä, Harlin)
Electric Vehicles at Public Organisations in Hamburg - (Held, Rettig, Wegner, Oltrogge, Edelhoff)
Logistics Sprawl in São Paulo Metro Area - (Guerin, Vieira)

D.2 - Innovation 1

Session Chair: Birgit von See
Room: A 0.19
Alternative Development Paths for Supply Chains in 2030 - (Daus, Barros, Kalaitzi, Muerza, Marchiori)
Impact of managerial risk-taking and IRM ‎on innovation - (Seidiaghilabadi, Abbassi, Seidiaghilabadi)
Design of an Added Plan with Social Responsibility - (Kathya Alexandra, Santos Hernández)

11:00 to 13:00

E.1 - Maritime and Port Logistics 2

Session Chair: Carlos Jahn
Room: A0.18.1
Influence of Drayage Patterns on Truck Appointment Systems - (Lange, Kühl, Schwientek, Jahn)
Digitalization potentials in supporting Offshore Wind Logistics - (Chartron, Stein, Gaysse, Haasis)
Exploring congestion impact beyond the bulk cargo terminal gate - (Neagoe, Taskhiri, Nguyen, Hvolby, Turner)
Open Source IoT Moisture Measurement for Grain Logistics - (Kofakis, Marinagi)

E.2 - Innovation 2

Session Chair: Safwan Altarazi
Room: A.0.19
Running the machine faster: acceleration, humans and warehousing - (Cragg, Sauvage, Haouari, Chraibi, El Khalil Houssaini)
Efficiency analysis for digitalised working systems of truck drivers - (Loske, Klumpp)
About the Future Role of Software in the Product - (Skirde, Steinert)
Environmental Innovation of Transportation Sector in OECD Countries - (Şahan, Tuna)