Conference Schedule

26 Sep 2019
Doors Open
09:00 to 09:15
Welcome and Introduction by the Conference Chairs - Room: A 0.13.1/2
09:15 to 09:50
Academic Keynote - Prof. Volker Skwarek - Title: Keynote 4.0: The Influence of x-4.0 Trends on Logistics 4.0 and its Digitalization (4.0) - Room: A 0.13.1/2
09:50 to 10:20
Industry Keynote - Evelyn Eggers - Title: Paperless Ports? - Room: A 0.13.1/2
10:30 to 12:30
Session Block A
12:30 to 13:30
13:30 to 14:30
Session Block B
15:00 to 16:00
Session Block C
Conference Dinner
27 Sep 2019
09:00 to 10:30
Session Block D
11:00 to 13:00
Session Block E
13:05 to 13:35
Closing Note - Dr. Ralf. Belusa - Title: How you can use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to accelerate growth - Room: A 0.13.1/2
13:35 to 13:40
Farewell by the Conference Chairs


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Session Schedule

26 Sep 2019

10:30 to 12:30

A.1 - Innovation I

Session Chair: Matthias Klumpp
Room: A 0.13.1/2
Digital Logistics, Strategic Cognitive Readiness and Employee Training - (Neukirchen, Klumpp)
Disruptive Technologies - Integration in Existing Supply Chain Processes - (Niehues, Gürpinar)
Can Gamification Reduce the Shortage of Skilled Logistics Personnel? - (Hofbauer, Putz)
Algorithm for Situation-dependent Adaptation of Velocity for Shuttle Based Systems - (Kriehn, Schloz, Schulz, Fittinghoff)

A.2 - Maritime Logistics

Session Chair: Beelaerts van Blokland
Room: A 0.19
Optimization of Maintenance Operations for Offshore Wind Farms - (Steendijk, Beelaerts van Blokland)
Automatic Identification System (AIS) data based Ship-Supply Forecasting - (Lechtenberg, de Siqueira Braga, Hellingrath)
Integrated Domain Model for Operative Offshore Installation Planning - (Rippel, Jathe, Lütjen, Szczerbicka, Freitag)
Modelling of Spare Parts Storage Strategies for Offshore Wind - (Jäger-Roschko, Weigell, Jahn)

A.3 - Port Logistics

Session Chair: Ann-Kathrin Lange
Room: A 0.18.1
Potential of Non-port Slot Booking Systems for TAS - (Lange, Krueger, Schwientek, Jahn)
Simulation-based Optimization at Container Terminals: A Literature Review - (Kastner, Pache, Jahn)
Modeling Autonomously Controlled Automobile Terminal Processes - (Görges, Freitag)
Efficiency Analysis of Mexican Lazaro Cardenas Port - (Zamora-Torres, Cobian)

13:30 to 14:30

B.1 - Blockchain

Session Chair: Niels Hackius
Room: A 0.13.1/2
Impact and Beneficiaries of Blockchain in Logistics - (Twenhöven, Petersen)
Prototype for a Permissioned Blockchain in Aircraft MRO - (Schyga, Hinckeldeyn, Kreutzfeldt)

B.2 - Sustainability and City Logistics I

Session Chair: Felix Krol
Room: A 0.19
Sustainable City Logistics: Rebound Effects from Self-Driving Vehicles - (Möller, Daschkovska, Bogaschewsky)
Identifying City-representative Areas for Case Studies - (Dünte, Fünfkirchler, Gusig)

B.3 - Industry 4.0

Session Chair: Julian Müller
Room: A 0.18.1
Breaking Through the Bottlenecks Using Artificial Intelligence - (Feldt)
Sharing Information Across Company Borders in Industry 4.0 - (Voigt, Müller, Veile, Schmidt)

15:00 to 16:00

C.1 - Business Analytics I

Session Chair: Sven Reimers
Room: A 0.13.1/2
Current State and Trends in Tramp Ship Routing and Scheduling - (Pache, Kastner, Jahn)
Yard Crane Deployment based on Workload Estimation - (Marbach, Haasis)

C.2 - Innovation II

Session Chair: Claudia Rondero
Room: A0.19
ETA Prediction for Intermodal Transport Chains Using Machine Learning - (Weinke, Poschmann, Straube)
Digital Kanban System: a Continuous Replenishment Logistics Proposal - (Garay-Rondero, Martínez Flores)

C.3 - Advanced Manufacturing

Session Chair: Wolfgang Kersten
Room: A 0.18.1
Digital Twin for Real-Time Data Processing in Logistics - (Haße, Li, Weißenberg, Cirullies, Otto)
Robot-Human-Learning for Robotic Picking Processes - (Rieder, Verbeet)
27 Sep 2019

09:00 to 10:30

D.1 - Business Analytics II

Session Chair: Thomas Wrona
Room: A 0.13.1/2
Business Analytics on AIS Data: Potentials, Limitations and Perspectives - (Scheidweiler, Jahn)
Digital Platform Business Models – a Critical Analysis from a Business Ethics Perspective - (Gilbert, Schrage)
The “Dark Side” of Big Data and Analytics – Uncovering strategic risks of BDA-investments and applications - (Wrona, Reinecke)

D.2 - Risk Management

Session Chair: Nils Meyer-Larsen
Room: A0.19
New Concepts for Cybersecurity in Port Communication Networks - (Meyer-Larsen, Müller, Zedel)
Cyber-Attack Impact Estimation for a Port - (König, Rass, Schauer)
Smart Risk Analytics Design for Proactive Early Warning - (Diedrich, Klingebiel)

D.3 - Supply Chain Analytics

Session Chair: Henning Schöpper
Room: A 0.18.1
A Literature Review on Machine Learning in Supply Chain Management - (Wenzel, Smit, Sardesai)
Design of Self-regulating Planning Model - (Espitia Rincon, Sanabria Martínez, Abril Juzga, Santos Hernández)

11:00 to 13:00

E.1 - Business Analytics III

Session Chair: Kathrin Fischer
Room: A 0.13.1/2
Fleet Based Schedule Optimisation for Product Tanker Considering Ship’s Stability - (Rizvanolli, Haupt, Müller, Dornemann)
Explorable Uncertainty in Scheduling - (Megow)
An Optimization Approach for Managing Ship Traffic at the Kiel Canal - (Meisel, Fagerholt)
Intermodal Container Flow Optimization: Overview and Research Perspectives - (Rückert, Fischer)

E.2 - Innovation III

Session Chair: Nikolas Moroff
Room: A0.19
Machine Learning in Demand Planning: Cross-industry Overview - (Moroff, Sardesai)
A Quantitative Assessment of the Collaborative Logistics Benefits - (Loro, Mangiaracina, Tumino, Perego)
Identifying Research Gaps in Supply Chain Innovation - (Seidiaghilabadi, Seidiaghilabadi, Miralmasi)
SmartAirCargoTrailer - Autonomous Short Distance Transports in Air Cargo - (Bierwirth, Schwanecke, Gietzen, Andrés Lopéz, Brylka)

E.3 - Sustainability and City Logistics II

Session Chair: Amad Saeed
Room: A 0.18.1
Creation of a Database for Delivery Traffic in Urban Areas - (Hofmann, Höhl, Schäfer, Schocke)
Digitalized and Autonomous Transport - Challenges and Chances - (Stradner, Brunner)
Optimization and Simulation for Sustainable Supply Chain Design - (Schreiber)