Conference Schedule

12 Oct 2017
Doors Open
09:00 to 09:15
Welcome and Introduction by the Conference Chairs
09:15 to 09:45
Keynote - Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Wolfgang Kersten "Trends and Strategies in Logistics & SCM"
09:45 to 10:00
Industry Keynote - Bjoern Pistol - "Port of Hamburg – current challenges and future development"
10:00 to 10:20
Academic Keynote: Dr.-Ing. M. Petersen "Logistics competences, skills and training"
10:30 to 12:30
Session Block A
12:30 to 13:30
13:30 to 14:30
Session Block B
15:00 to 16:00
Session Block C
Fieldtrip - Hamburg Harbour Logistics Tour
Conference Dinner - Wasserschloss
13 Oct 2017
Doors open
09:00 to 10:30
Session Block D
11:00 to 13:00
Session Block E
Closing Note and Farewell by the Conference Chairs


11 October 2017 Ph.D. seminar
12 October 2017 Conference Day 1
13 October 2017 Conference Day 2
02 June 2017 Abstract Submission closes (extended!)
07 June 2017 Notification of Acceptance (postponed due to deadline extension)
10 July 2017 Paper Submission closes (extended)

Session Schedule

12 Oct 2017

10:30 to 12:30

A.1 - Internet

Session Chair: Niels Hackius
Room: A0.13.1/2
IoT-coordinated Logistics in Product-Service Systems - (Anke)
Blockchain in Logistics and Supply Chain: Trick or Treat? - (Hackius, Petersen)
A peer-to-peer platform for decentralized logistics - (Gallay, Korpela, Tapio, Nurminen)
Towards a Web Based Transportation Infrastructure - (Kleedorfer, Huemer)

A.2 - Risk 1

Session Chair: Wolfgang Kersten
Room: A0.19.1
An Adaptive Supply Chain Cyber Risk Management Methodology - (Schauer, Stamer, Bosse, Pavlidis, Mouratidis, König, Papastergiou)
Relational View on Collaborative Supply Chain Disruption Recoveries - (Brüning, Bendul)
Framework for Digitalized Proactive Supply Chain Risk Management - (Diedrich)
Smart Supply Chain Risk Management - A Conceptual Framework - (Schlüter, Henke)

A.3 - Ports 1

Session Chair: Carlos Jahn
Room: A.018.1
Cybersecurity in Ports: a Conceptual Approach - (Ahokas, Kiiski, Malmsten, Ojala)
Reducing truck congestion at ports – classification and trends - (Lange, Schwientek, Jahn)
Simulation-framework for illicit-goods de-tection in large volume freight - (Kretschmann, Münsterberg)
Measuring the Environmental Performance of Danube Ports - (Jung, Putz)

13:30 to 14:30

B.1 - Data analytics

Session Chair: Marius Indorf
Room: A 0.13.1/2
Data Mining and Fault Tolerance in Warehousing - (Reining, Bousbiba, Jungen, ten Hompel)
Influence of Patterns and Data-Analytics on Production logistics - (Kormann, Altendorfer-Kaiser)

B.2 - Risk 2

Session Chair: Meike Schröder
Room: A.0.19
Supply Chain Risk Management Under Industry 4.0 - (Satir)
Supply Chain Process oriented Technology-Framework for Industry 4.0 - (Schlüter, Hetterscheid)

B.3 - Sustainability 1

Session Chair: Amad Saeed
Room: A.0.18.1
An Indicator to Measure Green Supply Chains: a Methodology and Discussion - (Baron, Keita)
Literature Review of Drivers of Sustainable Supply Chain Management - (Saeed, Waseek, Kersten)

15:00 to 16:00

C.1 - Human factors

Session Chair: Christian M. Ringle
Room: A 0.13.1/2
Digitalization of Logistics Processes and the Human Perspektive - (Kuhlmann, Klumpp)
Investigating the Factors Influencing the Acceptance of Fully Autonomous Cars - (Benleulmi, Blecker)

C.2 - Dynamic SC

Session Chair: Meike Schröder
Room: A.0.19
Dynamic supplychain design: a structured content-based literature review - (Krægpøth)
Use Case of Self-Organizing Adaptive Supply Chain - (Wagner, Kontny)

C.3 - Sustainability 2

Session Chair: Amad Saeed
Room: A.0.18.1
Utility Evaluation of Battery Electric Vehicles in Urban Distribution - (Schöder)
Improving sustainability through digitalisation in reverse logistics - (Cullinane, Browne, Karlsson, Wang)
13 Oct 2017

09:00 to 10:30

D.1 - Ports 2

Session Chair: Ayman Nagi
Room: A.0.13.1/2
Bibliometric Analysis of Risk Management in Seaports - (Nagi, Indorf, Kersten)
The Benefits of Digital Booking of Locks and Berths - (Carlan, Hintjens, Beckers, Vanelslander)
Literature Classification on Dispatching of Container Terminal Vehicles - (Schwientek, Lange, Jahn)


Session Chair: Florian Dörries
Room: A.0.19
Supply Chain Flexibility and SMEs Internationalization. A Conceptual Framework - (Novillo Villegas, Haasis)
Cooperation Strategies among SMEs for Implementing Industry 4.0 - (Müller, Maier, Veile, Voigt)
Topical Map for Continuing Education: AHP Expert Survey - (Neukirchen, Klumpp)

D.3 - Road transport

Session Chair: Henning Schöpper
Room: A.0.18.1
Optimizing Distribution Logistics within Cities through Time-slot Deliveries - (Engel, Wolfenstetter, Sakiotis)
Reducing transport emissions for deliveries of local daily goods through bundling of transport processes - (Scharpenberg, Jutta)
Smart Logistics of organic waste collection in cities - (Bearzotti, Maturana, Vega)

11:00 to 13:00

E.1 - Innovation

Session Chair: Wolfgang Kersten & Meike Schröder
Room: A.13.0.1/2
E-cash & e-vouchers: The digitalization of the humanitarian aid and logistics - (Cohen, Salaun)
Life Cycle Assessment for Frozen Food Distribution Schemes - (Trapp, Lütjen, Arango, Jelsch, Freitag)
Business Model Innovation: A Case of the Offshore Lifting Equipment Supplier - (Shlopak, Myhre, Hofinger Jünge)
Transforming Blood Supply Chain Management with Internet of Things Paradigm - (Boonyanusith, Jittamai)

E.2 - Simulation

Session Chair: Sebastian Lodemann
Room: A.0.19
Lead-time Optimization Potential of Digitization in Air Cargo - (Bierwirth, Schocke)
Interactive Planning and Control for Finished Vehicle Logistics - (Hoff-Hoffmeyer-Zlotnik, Schukraft, Werthmann, Oelker, Freitag)
Simulation of Climatic Effects on Temperature-Controlled Containerized Cargo - (Barbarino, Klein, Meyer-Larsen, Müller, Rosa, Sibomana, Wunsch)
Data Source Taxonomy for Supply Network Structure Visibility - (Zrenner, Hassan, Otto, Gómez)

E.3 - Production

Session Chair: Thorsten Blecker
Room: A.0.18.1
Production Flow valuation through VSM modeling: An industry case study - (Santos Hernández, CAMARGO PUENTES)
Automotive Supply-Chain Requirements for a Time-Critical Knowledge Management - (Tietze, Cirullies, Otto)
Digitized VMI - Maturity Model for the FMCG Sector - (Dirnberger, Brunner, Zsifkovits)
Design of a Cyber-Physical Production System for Semiconductor Manufacturing - (Keil)