Intelligent Exchanges and Coordination in Multimodal Supply Chains

TitleIntelligent Exchanges and Coordination in Multimodal Supply Chains
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsFöhring, R, Zelewski, S
EditorBlecker, T, Kersten, W, Ringle, CM
Title of ProceedingsOperational Excellence in Logistics and Supply Chains
Conference LocationHamburg
ISBN Number978-3-7375-4056-8
Other NumbersISSN (print) 2365-4430, ISSN (online) 2365-5070
KeywordsCombinatorial Auctions, Intermodal Transports, Logistics Modelling, Multi-Agent Systems

The prototype ORFE of an Online Rail Freight Exchange was developed as part of the
CODE24 project. It demonstrates functionalities for a more transparent communication
of available transport services and also supports the configuration of multimodal
supply chains. The paper describes the efforts and research outcomes of the
implementation of ORFE as well as problems that emerged after its finalization.
These problems led the authors of this paper to the draft of a new market place concept:
Agent-based Freight Exchanges (AFEX). These yet to be implemented, highly
automated and interconnected market places are designed to provide autonomous
software agents with the infrastructure to perform contractually binding auctions of
multimodal freight transport services utilizing a combinatorial exchange model
while addressing problems commonly associated with existing market places.