Crowd Logistics − A Literature Review and Maturity Model

TitleCrowd Logistics − A Literature Review and Maturity Model
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsMehmann, J, Frehe, V, Teuteberg, F
EditorKersten, W, Blecker, T, Ringle, CM
Title of ProceedingsInnovations and Strategies for Logistics and Supply Chains
Conference LocationHamburg
ISBN Number978-3-7375-7805-9
Other NumbersISSN (print) 2365-4430, ISSN (online) 2365-5070
KeywordsCrowd Logistics, Literature Review, Maturity Model, Qualitative Data Analysis

Crowd Logistics (CL) is identified as a topic of high importance in the area of logistics.
From the practical point of view, initial experiences and realizations have already
been gained, however, scientific research regarding Crowd Logistics is still in its infancy
and multiple research questions are still unexplored. By means of a systematic
literature review (LR) as well as a quantitative data analysis (QDA) of existing business
models, we obtained a scientific definition of the term Crowd Logistics. Furthermore,
we set up a research agenda to counter the open research questions. Additionally,
based on the results of the LR and the QDA as well as the knowledge gained in
field studies, we developed a Crowd Logistics Maturity Model (CLMM). We evaluated
the CLMM by the use of an existing company.