Adaptive Intra-Logistics

TitleAdaptive Intra-Logistics
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsYousefifar, R, Popp, J, Beyer, T, Wehking, K-H
EditorKersten, W, Blecker, T, Ringle, CM
Title of ProceedingsInnovations and Strategies for Logistics and Supply Chains
Conference LocationHamburg
ISBN Number978-3-7375-7805-9
Other NumbersISSN (print) 2365-4430, ISSN (online) 2365-5070
KeywordsAutomobile Logistics, Flexible Intra-Logistics, Modular Design, Multi Agent System

Many Intra-Logistics systems are designed over the course of several years in order
to ensure the logistical supply of an assembly or production area for a fixed number
of years. In the past this approach was economically successful. However, today's
globalized markets require different procedures. Adaptive Intra-Logistics systems
will be required in the near future in order to ensure adaptability to changes in assembly
or production (e.g. volume fluctuations, additional products, changed geometry
of products) without requiring costly new investments. The adaptability of these
systems could be achieved through modular design and dynamic planning. In this
paper a new planning methodology for Intra-Logistics systems is described. This
planning methodology is based on features of Multi-Agent Systems such as self-organization.
These characteristics of our planning methodology make it particularly
suited for autonomous logisticsmodules and contribute to the adaptive Intra-Logistics
systems. Furthermore, the current literature on the technical alternatives for
reach adaptive Intra-Logistics is explored. Especially modular design is key to coping
with rapidly changing production environments. Therefore, four different new logistics
concepts, which have been selected using a rating matrix and questions catalogs,
are presented. These concepts were verified and validated in simulations.