The optional Ph.D. seminar will be held on the 12 September 2018 for doctoral candidates in cooperation with the Kühne Logistics University. The seminar is currated by Prof. Dr. Kai Hoberg (Supply Chain and Operations Strategy, Kühne Logistics University) in workshop form.

The aim of the workshop is to promote an understanding of new research opportunities in logistics and supply chain management that arise due to digitization. These opportunities relate, for example, to additive manufacturing, IoT, analytics and new business models driven by digital technology. The proposed methodologies focus on modeling and empirical research. The workshop is conducted under the guidance of experienced researchers. The get-together is also meant as a networking opportunity and a reduced-rate access to the conference for those young researchers that are not yet ready to submit a full paper.

Program - 12 Sep 2018

Starts at 09:00

Session 1: Supply Chain 4.0 – A Goldmine of Research Opportunity

In this session, we discuss the opportunities new disruptive technology will bring for supply chain research. We outline how all activities along the supply chain are affected by digitization: Planning benefits from new data sources and real-time information, warehousing can use new robot and picking technology to boost efficiency and logistics will see autonomous vehicles for transport and delivery.

Session 2: Supply Chain Analytics

In this session, we discuss research opportunities around data for optimizing supply chains. Smart devices, social networks or unused ERP data have a lot potential for analytics. We build a landscape of analytics opportunities along the supply chain and discuss potential topics. We also discuss a research paper that improves warehouse operations using weather data.

Session 3: Additive Manufacturing

In this session, we have a look at the hot topic of additive manufacturing. The value propositions of additive manufacturing (commonly also referred to as 3D printing) are vast from the construction of complex designed lightweight parts for aircraft, the cost efficient mass customization of medical applications or the coaction of multiple production steps. We also discuss a research paper that outlines how spare parts management can benefit from 3D printing.

Session 4: Supply Chain 4.0 Research Speed-Dating

In this session, Ph.D. students present their own research ideas with respect to supply chain 4.0. Each Ph.D. student has 5 minutes to outline the motivation of his research and the research questions that should be addressed. The research ideas are discussed in a friendly atmosphere to provide guidance for the next steps of research.

Ends at 16:00


  • Workshop-Sessions
  • Vouchers for the conference days (non-presenting guests)
  • Lunch


Kühne Logistics University, Großer Grasbrook 17, 20457 Hamburg

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