Description Track „Business Analytics“ of HICL2020

Optimal decision making relies on the given information. Therefore, methods for processing and analyzing available internal and external data, and also the use of optimization techniques are key factors to provide necessary information. Business Analytics is an important strategic field that offers considerable potential for expansion in research. Along with digitalization, companies need new research results in order to adapt corresponding processes and implement methods of business analytics in the form of innovative solutions.

The possible applications of Business Analytics methods are manifold. In the "Business Analytics" track the major problem areas considered are in the field of maritime logistics systems. This industry offers great potentials, because of the high amount of data available for analysis and optimization. At the same time, it seems central to reflect on these approaches and become aware of potentials and possible strategic and ethical risks of their use. For this reason, it is essential to integratively examine both the great optimization potential and the strategic chances of using business analytics from the perspective of various disciplines.

The “Business Analytics” track provides different points of view on several cases in maritime logistics systems. The track will be the topic in several sessions on the conference.