The Institute for Human Resource Management and Organizations (HRMO), W-9, belongs to the department for Management Sciences and Technology at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH). Our research focuses on developing theoretical concepts and empirical applications in the fields of

  • Human Resource Management (e.g., HRM metrics),
  • Organizations (e.g., virtual organizations),
  • Strategic Management (e.g., cooperation in strategic alliances, networks, and international strategy), and
  • Marketing (e.g., customer satisfaction and loyalty).

The HRMO Institute also does much research related to partial least squares (PLS) path modeling - a method to empirically measure - causal relationships. Besides being the head of the HRMO Institute, Prof. Ringle is the MD of the SmartPLS software development team, which concentrates on PLS path modeling's methodological expansions, their software implementation, and application in empirical business research []. The HRMO Institute’s lectures, in both German and English, are relevant for TUHH students in all majors. Developing Ph.D. students’ skills is another of the Institute’s teaching goals. Special courses and workshops for Ph.D. students focus on research methods, research project management, presentation of the latest research results, grant applications, and successful publication in top-tier journals. Enjoy gathering additional information by surfing our webpages (


Institute for Human Resource Management and Organizations: